Sell Us Your Car

Make $250.00, Guaranteed!
Thinking about selling your car? Bring your valid CarMax offer to Auto Discount Outlet,

and we’ll pay that amount plus $250.00 Guaranteed! Even if you don't purchase a car from us.

Most purchases are completed in less than 10 minutes.
Same Day Cash: At Auto Discount Outlet, we will beat any CarMax offer and we pay you the same day! Our funds are guaranteed and you have access to your money the same day. CarMax will pay you with a bank draft that isn’t good for 7 days.
Auto Discount Outlet is licensed, bonded and insured and looking forward to doing business with you! Please bring the following items to complete the transaction as quickly as possible:
  1. Your car's title or payoff information—all titleholders should plan to be present.
  2. Valid current registration to confirm ownership.
  3. Valid state-issued photo ID for all titleholders.
  4. All keys and remote(s)—if original keys/remotes are missing, it may result in your offer being adjusted.
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